the comedy of my life

today i got out of the shower and was heading to the laundry room to find some clean clothes (stark naked, as is normal in our house)…headed to the laundry room after first checking out the front door to make sure no one was heading up to our house at that moment since i was going to be walking by an open window. saw no one but saw a van in front of my next door neighbor i didn’t recognize and thought that odd…but headed to the laundry room past the open kitchen windows as the coast seemed clear. got to the dryer, and i’m squatting down looking in it for something to wear when i hear the doorbell ring. WHAAAAAAAAT????

luckily adam was still home, doing some work from home this morning…and maeve came running to me–
maeve: “mommy, someone’s at the door.”
me: “i know, ACK, check and see who it is”
female voice from outside my open front windows: “its AMVETS”
me, calling: “just a minute!!”
me to maeve: “go tell daddy to get the door, i’m naked!!!” (continue to squat in front of the dryer, since i know i can’t be seen through my kitchen cupboards unless i stand up…hastily pulling a towel out to wrap around myself)
phone starts ringing
me: “CRAP!” (and still no adam because he wasn’t dressed either)
voice from outside:”i can just leave the card”
me: “that’d be great, thanks!!”
stand up with towel wrapped around myself and answer the phone. its my mom. proceed to tell her the whole comedic story and she laughs her ass off.

great start to my day, don’tcha think? 🙂

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