the birds and the bees

well it finally came up. “THAT” question was asked. maeven and i were reading a book from the library about animals…a nonfiction book…and it talked about mating, i think in reference to a fish…and i threw in there that most animals mate to make babies, including humans. then we talked about how the daddy fertilized the mommy’s egg, and all that and we were discussing how human daddies did this too, and then she asked it. well how does the daddy fertilize the mommy’s egg? how does the sperm get in there? i knew it would happen eventually…actually had thought it would have happened sooner. she’s 5yrs old, and i don’t remember ever not knowing how this worked. (although i admittedly didn’t fully comprehend it til sex ed class in 8th grade, but i had the basics). so i just thought she’d follow in my footsteps. she just never had any interest til now.

so i stumbled a bit, as i wasn’t fully prepared, but then i quickly gathered my courage and briefly explained how god made mommies and daddies special to fit together, like a puzzle or like a key and a lock. and how that worked to direct the sperm right where it needed to go inside the mommy’s body. it actually went quite well and i was very proud of myself and her! she was just enthralled as i explained this…and i was careful to not go into it too much, not focusing so much on the act itself, because i remember dr phil saying that little girls in particular can be traumatized if they are told about the actual act of sex too soon. just something i had in the back of my mind. i also didn’t use the word sex because i’d rather we wait to learn that. she’s only 5. she hears the word on tv here and there and at this point in time i’d prefer she didn’t know about recreational sex. there’s time for that.

but wow, we made it through it. 🙂 *patting self on back* now i just have to remember to bring it up casually in conversation here and there to make sure she actually does understand and hasn’t formed some warped ideas about it. keep her talking about it occasionally. keep it no big deal.

wow, parenting is a trip! LOL!

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