That little stinker!

TOO FUNNY! Maeven and I were just sitting here working on her blog and we thought Tyren was sleeping on our family bed all of a sudden we heard a baby noise, IN THE HALL right next to us and here he comes, crawling into the office! He’s NEVER done that before! And I have no idea how he figured out how to get safely off the bed!!! Very freaky and funny!

And he usually is very groggy when he wakes up…I’ve never worried about him on the bed because he is slow to wake up. Well no more, apparently. Not sure what I’ll be doing now, argh.

Oh but he is so proud of himself! You should have seen his face, all happy and like “oh hello there Mommy and Sister…look at me, I’m a big boy! Yep, I got off the bed all by myself!!!”

OMG, that was just too funny!

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