Thanksgiving 2007

pics have been uploaded here. it was quite a nice thanksgiving. its taken a few days for me to finally get the pics uploaded to our shutterfly album.

we spent the first part of the day watching the macy’s day parade, of course. its a tradition i’ve been upholding since childhood. i literally get all excited and choked up when it starts! my kids seem to have caught the bug and were hooping and hollering as we cranked up the music of the beginning of the parade as it started! it was so heartwarming to see them enjoying it too! of course, the parade IS long, and as usual, i lose interest before its over…but its fun to have on in the background as we get breakfast and enjoy the beginning of our holiday.

before we left the house we took a little nature walk to the office parking lot about a block away where i knew they had pine trees and collected pine cones for a craft project i intended for after thanksgiving dinner. we actually had a very nice time at this! me and the 2 kids walking happily around the parking lot, finding pine cones here and there (they had obviously cleaned their landscaping recently so there wasn’t much) and finally landing upon a corner near a bank that had some great ones that had been missed…and tyren and maeven both so excited with every find. very sweet and fun!

then we were off to nana and bompa’s where our friends tiffiny and her daughter seren were already and we enjoyed a very nice, relaxing thanksgiving together. the girls had a lot of fun playing together.

that pic of adam and tyren is tyren saying “cheeeeeese!” and daddy joining in. no idea why tyren felt the need to have his hands like that but it was funny!

then off to adam’s sister alisa’s house where his family was. a few hours there and tyren had had it, napless as he was. maeven enjoyed playing with cousins but tyren was starting to get more and more difficult to handle. headed out of there and home with tyren falling asleep in the car.

it was a nice holiday.

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