teaching the concept of time

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well now, the more my brain goes in this direction, the more ideas i keep coming up with. this is fun! it came to me that the concept of time is a tough one. maeven has been asking how long a minute is, how long a second is, how long a half hour is, etc…we’ve been trying to explain but realizing that EXPERIENCING things first hand…hands-on, as much as possible, is the best way for children to learn…it occurred to me that a stop watch would be very very helpful with this. so then i remembered that i had seen a klutz kit with a stop watch. so i went on ebay and found it and got one! pretty dang cool! it looks like this. it’s the old version, they have a new fangled stop watch now but the old one is fine so i found it on ebay for 10cents! LOL! pretty good deal. anyway i figured this could really help her learn all about time if she’s timing herself and us all doing different things and the book gives her things to try to beat her time at. neato! can’t wait to give it to her. i may wait for christmas though. we’ll see.

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