a couple mornings ago tyren woke up, rolled over (we hadn’t yet opened our eyes yet that i knew of…i was still laying there next to him in bed, hadn’t even attempted to open my eyes yet) and said —
“HI SuperMommy!!”

no lie.

no idea where that came from, but my son just woke up one morning and decided i was supermommy. LOL!!!

it was hysterical!

he does watch super why, so he’s been getting familiar with “super” things…we sometimes call him “super baby” or “super tyren” and let him have a cape to play with (usually a silk tied around his neck)…but he had never just out of the blue called me super mommy…too funny!

this kid is a riot. i have to remember that after a day of him to refusing anything and everything i want/need him to do. *sigh*

so, now i’m supermommy. i kinda like that. 🙂

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