stupid people

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i really REALLY hate stupidity. really. so i find this thread particularly amusing and horrifying at the same time simply because of all the stupid people in the world that say those kind of things to moms. unbelievable! makes me want to go find them and SHAKE them! particularly the ones who are just nasty to the new moms! i don’t get it! what are they trying to accomplish? thank god the stupid things that have been said to me are pretty few and far between…to the point i cannot even think of any off the top of my head. i would hope i could come up with a good comeback should something be said to me…but i tend to wimp out, much like so many of the moms on that thread. :( then there is the reality of having to continue to deal with the people that said them to you and i hate friction so i try to avoid it at all costs. *sigh* ah well, i like to think that if my children were being harassed or something like that that my mama bear would come out. i guess we’ll have to wait and see. and also hope that i never have to find out! :)

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