“stupid in america”

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i think this is the online article of the tv show with the same name i watched awhile back. it’s pretty horrendous how the american public school system is in reality. i know its bad because i did sub for a few months in our local schools…and while i was only there a few months, and i didn’t necessarily see ALL that sort of stuff, i saw enough to not inspire any confidence in the local system.

i’m glad john stossel did this story. it amazes me whenever stuff like the recent homeschool in the news story brings out the anti-homeschooling articles and the public comments on them and the public comments on the pro-homeschooling articles and how many people support the way things are going in the public school system and say that its better than homeschooling and why we should be putting our kids in there and not keeping them home for one-on-one teaching away from all that crap. just completely dumbfounds me how anyone could possibly think all that garbage is either not happening or that it is ok.


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