sorta almost ready for xmas

things are getting less stressful, i think…we are sloooooowly getting stuff done (although my kids have been fighting nonstop, which makes mommy a beast to be around and growling and yelling seems to be the only way i am capable of communicating these days, *sigh*)

and adam just agreed to work new year’s eve and day and some other days…a job that will mean like $650 for us. not happy about him being gone on new year’s eve…but we really need the money.

what this means is that the $300 we are in the negative in our bank account can now come out of house money (the money we borrowed to finish the repairs on our “big room”) …because that will be replaced once he gets paid for the new year’s job. yay! AND his boss gave him a little money after all the buttload of work that he’s been doing for the company…working his ass off with little or no sleep for days (one day he literally had like one hour sleep cuz he worked all day at work, came home and worked straight through til like 6am, slept about an hour or so and got up and went back into work. sometimes its not always a good thing that he has an edit system at home.) stressed beyond belief, at the same time as his wisdom teeth being pulled and suffering from a dry socket and healing and not being able to eat real food cuz of the holes in his mouth. so he definitely earned a little extra money…but at the same time we know the company is hurting, so its really appreciated as well.

sooo…we have some money for last minute christmas stuff…which is really good cuz tyren’s gift isn’t going to arrive in time for christmas. i’m REALLY pissed about all that! i started a post about all the details on that…i’ll have to finish it and post it to explain. its kinda a long story. and makes me angry to rehash it.

and now maeven is up and not able to sleep (happens every night lately) so i need to go see what i can do to help the situation…so i guess that’s all i can write for now.

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