sometimes i really think the media are just plain evil

though they do have their place…but geez louise they are great at stirring up a panic! take this whole swine flu frenzy.

i’ve been following dr jay gordon (a famous L.A. pediatrician that i trust very much…i’ve even talked to him personally when he used to do chats with me on mommychats) …on twitter for a couple weeks now and he keeps tweeting that we really need to relax and just don’t believe the hype. i never really did…same as the bird flu. the media just likes to make a big deal out of stuff so that they can get more people watching them. but they really don’t do anyone any good freaking the populace out, sheez!

here’s a fairly good article that i got from dr jay. notice how they say that many people handle the flu just fine and that pandemics have been threatened before and not come to fruition (i would point most notably to the bird flu threat! how long have they been warning us about that?? and so people got bored, they had to stir up more attention by trying to freak everyone out with the swine flu, bleh)

and here’s dr jay’s take on the whole thing. see? relax! good lord but the media just like to try to make headlines any way they can! see why i try to avoid watching it?

you know what…i think maybe i might go and ask dr jay to do a special chat on mommy chats about this whole swine flu thing…time to try to spread the calm, instead of the frenzy!

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