so much to think about and do

yesterday a wonderful woman from the sacramento discovery museum came down here to fresno to do a site review of the discovery center for us. she was just MARVELOUS, let me tell ya! the four of us (myself, the director of TDC janet, susan and her husband) walked the grounds and talked and talked and talked about how they do things at their museum and what we could/should be doing at TDC.

one thing that i learned…is that things aren’t as bad as i had originally thought. 2 reasons, one is that i was able to hear more from janet through the walk-through because she was explaining things to susan…and two is that susan perception of TDC was that things were really great!

now, of course we still know that we have issues to deal with. one of the biggest being that the central valley in general doesn’t even know we’re still here! but seeing things through susan’s eyes was truly wonderful and left me feeling light and happy about things. way better than i’ve felt in awhile.

i still think that there is much more to dig into…and i’m still on track with figuring out how to tackle the things that i can (and am allowed to) tackle. (i say allowed to because i do realize that not every aspect of TDC should be tackled by me. i’m not superwoman, afterall, and i’m not trying to be superwoman here. i’m just trying to help where i can. stick with my strengths and all that. and also trying to not tread on any toes either.)

so with all that in mind, one of the things i asked susan was how to get the community connected to us again. and she said events. i asked how to do events so that they will profit, and she said charge entrance! seems simple enough, eh? i’m thinking the other key piece of info here is to make sure to advertise advertise advertise. and we got some ideas for that as well.

i’ve started thinking more seriously about events to do and am really quite excited by the possibilities! and in conjunction with those ideas, i’m starting to research where in the world we should be advertising…and how to get the word out far and wide!

i’m contacting other organizations and asking them where THEY advertise so that i can get a really good list going. hope it works. and in exchange, i’m offering to share my final info with them as well. wonder if i should open a new google spreadsheet for this? hmmmm. will look into that.

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