so much to do!

and here i am, trying to simplify my life and it continues to get complicated.

i’m actually pretty excited about the new things i’m doing though…and i’m happy to move away from some of the things that i’ve done for so long.

one is babyfest. i’m happy to hand this off. after this year i felt very much burnt out on the whole thing and think its definitely time for someone else to take it on. i think it will be best for all. i have a group in mind to hand it off to…going to a meeting of theirs next week to discuss it with them and hopefully hand it over. if they agree, it will mean a huge relief to me. if they pass on it, well babyfest may just fall by the wayside because i’m simply not able to continue to do it. this is the first year i’ve been able to say that its ok to let it die. i did a ton of work on it but all was not wasted. all that i learned from babyfest will be used to put towards new things. i am very happy to do more events for the discovery center.

right now my biggest project focus is the learning village. that is first and foremost in my mind. it will be the thing that our family spends the most time at and benefits the most from and i’m just jazzed to get it going! i am using some of the things that i learned from babyfest as well as learning new things. it is going to be awesome! i have a lot of people getting excited about it now and many that are helping me make it come to fruition!

the move-in date is now set for july1, so that gives us time to get fundraisers going to make some moolah to pay for the nonprofit paperwork. and if we can get even more than the $300 we need for that, then maybe we can even go about paying for our rent as well!

right now i’m trying to focus on what to provide families that start off with us…to encourage them to pay to join us so we can get the rent paid for!

i have some ideas but i want to try to come up with more that will make it just POP as a great thing to be a part of! time to do more thinking!

but first…i feel like working more on that 1023 paperwork…off to grind away at that…
(that’s the irs paperwork to make the center a tax exempt nonprofit)

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