so much thinking

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i’m on a thinking jag again. not that i ever stop thinking…but i seem to be prone to jags where i seriously obsess on a topic and run it to the ground before i lose interest or move on to something new. there seems to be a pattern of this in my life. not sure why. its really something that eats up chunks of my life, but i enjoy it, and i learn a lot. and it just seems to be who i am.

so right now i’m obsessed with thinking about The Learning Village and The Discovery Center. The first is the homeschool resource center that i am starting, with help from friends, and the other is where we are renting the space for this and where i am on the board as well (i have a long history at TDC, including having worked there from like 97-99. and then off and on for a couple years after that, and then having babyfest there from 2004 til present. really i never was far from TDC.)

this whole being on the board at TDC and creating the board and running it for TLV is really challenging and very interesting to me. there’s so much to learn…i’ve never been part of a nonprofit board of directors before…never been on ANY board before! babyfest committee was very casual and we made it up as we went along…this is very different.

so i am talking to different people a lot about all aspects of these 2 programs and their boards. there’s so much i’m not fully understanding yet, and so much that i’m starting to understand. and so much i want to do. i was up until 3am last night researching info on things that could improve things at TDC, possibly. ideas that have been shared with me that are making me think a lot and made me do a ton of research last night…things that might never come to fruition but are fascinating.

so many things.

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