skating adventures

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i took maeven for her first skating rink experience today. tyren went to the pet store with daddy so we didn’t have any distractions. they had 30min lessons so i took her and she got her first lesson. she did pretty good for her first time, i think. then she got tired and annoyed with the teacher, i think. she started falling more and became more and more uncooperative so i knew we had reached the point where she wasn’t going to learn anymore that day.

but she didn’t want to leave! so we stayed for the open skate time and i got some skates too. but i spent most of my time turning around and going in circles near her…not a whole lot of skating going on since she was on the floor or hanging onto the wall most of the time. oh well. it was her FIRST time! can’t expect miracles! i finally got her to go, since we really weren’t doing a lot of skating…we left an hour before free skate ended cuz i knew another hour would have been a nightmare. we got to see a few games at least. they did red light/green light, cha-cha slide and the dice game. so she finally got to see that.

and she was way impressed by all the lights and music once the free skate started. 🙂 and the black lights. 🙂

i decided i’m going to buy her some good skates and then take her to kaiser park a lot, where they have a hockey rink she can practice skating in. its getting cooler…been in the 80s lately! so it is a good time to start skating.

anyway it brought back a lot of memories going skating…i had SOOOOo much fun skating at rinks as a child…hope maeven learns to love skating as much as i did. 🙂

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