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there are so many books written and things said about simplifying our lives and living simply. i really would love to learn how to do this. i’m getting better about not diving into a zillion new things all the time…keeping things at bay when i am still absorbed by something else…not great, but getting much better at it.

but now that the christmas season is upon us again…i find myself wanting to do more again…to help us to be able to really revel in the season, but then stopping and taking a step back “woah, we DON’T need more stress…” it needs to be simple. nothing huge, nothing complicated. i like huge and complicated but not now…not when my life is so chaotic. maybe again when my kids are bigger. right now i’m trying my damnest to simplify.

maybe i’ll do a search on the library website and find a good book on the subject. but i’ve already got sooo many books i’m trying to get through. a couple from the library.

you’d think you wouldn’t need to read up on how to simplify. it should be simple. LOL!

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