silk moths

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so we bought silk moth eggs and they hatched while we were on vacation. thank heavens for jen for egg-sitting! thank you jen!

anyway they haven’t grown much yet…they are still super tiny…but man do they eat alot! its been fun so far…fascinating watching their little caterpillar wiggles. and getting the softest baby leaves from our mulberry trees for them.

adam got some pics today…i have to figure out how to get the pics from his computer so i can post them here. or i’ll log onto blogger on his computer later and upload some. such a pain. he saves all our digital pics on his computer, which is fine…but such a pain to try to figure out how to get them to my blog without a little work. bleh.

anyway the worms are fun so far! we’re going to watch them grow and grow and then metamorphosize! so exciting! maeven seems a little confused about the process…she was explaining to daddy about what we were doing and got some of the life cycle out of order…but i didn’t correct her because i figure she’ll see it firsthand soon and she’ll get it then.

tyren of course wants to touch and it turns into a big fight with him trying to keep him out of the box…but he does also look sometimes, without hands, and says “bee bee bee”, which is what he calls all bugs. even sometimes says “hi bee!!” and waves to them. so cute! 🙂

they are going through leaves like crazy…not that we are short on them, but we have to find the young soft leaves right now and those we have less of…so its getting harder to reach them…hope they grow big enough for bigger leaves soon.

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