shortened vacation

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well we made it through what has been a very difficult time this past week. we found out last week that adam’s mother was going to have open-heart surgery to put a defibulator into her already badly damaged heart. apparently she had a dr’s appt on monday may 21 and got all the info to make her decision about the surgery…came to a decision to go for it on wed that week and then called thursday to have it scheduled. got the run around from the office saying the dr wouldn’t be in again til the next monday, the 28th. so that would be the earliest that she would be able to find out anything about when the surgery would be. despite that, she called again the next day to see if she could find out more…no go. she wouldn’t be able to call again til monday the 28th.

problem for us, in the meantime, is that we were scheduled to leave on a week’s vacation on sunday morning, with my parents. (the only way we are ever able to go on vacation is because my parents pay for our accomodations via their time shares they own and we carpool and they pay for gas and they pay for most of our food while we’re there too…we pitch in as we can…but they are so very generous and wonderful about including us in their vacations about once a year or so…we are so very thankful for their kindness because otherwise we’d never get out of here and do anything like this.)

so now we’re stuck in limbo and adam decides the best thing would be for me and the kids to head down to carlsbad with my parents and for him to stay behind and find out what was going to happen, on monday…he didn’t want to drive down sunday just to have to turn around and come back if she ended up finding out monday that her surgery was going to be tuesday. apparently her dr had really wanted her surgery to be the week that she first learned of it…but that wasn’t in the cards so we all figured it would be scheduled pretty quick as soon as she was able to get ahold of someone to schedule it.

so adam stayed and we took the 6hour drive with my parents…adam stayed in fresno. monday came and apparently my mother-in-law got the runaround AGAIN from these people at her dr’s office…because they weren’t in! it was memorial day, so not really a surprise, but on thursday she was told to call on monday because someone would be there….but they weren’t. so…there goes ANOTHER day down the toilet for adam to be part of his vacation. *sigh* not anyone’s fault (well, the dr’s office, i suppose), but frustrating nonetheless. this is a man that has busted his ass quite a lot lately with extra hours and he really deserved that vacation! but not to be helped…like i said…no one to blame, just yucky situation all around.

so…tuesdays morning comes and finally he gets word that the surgery is finally scheduled–for thursday afternoon. yay and *sigh* at the same time. at that point we had been hoping it would be the following week–2 reasons–1, of course because we hoped that her need for the surgery was less dire since she seemed to be doing better (of course, would be preferable that she didn’t need it all, but less pressing would have felt less scary) and 2, because smack in the middle of the vacation week meant adam probably wouldn’t get any vacation at all. why drive down for just a day or so?

well…adam and i talked and thought and talked and thought about it…we were scheduled to go to legoland for 2 days during the vacation…it was all on hold while we waited to find out about the surgery. tickets were already purchased. the second day came free with the first, so we wanted at least for him to be able to come down and enjoy legoland with us at least one time (he’s a serious lego maniac! we’ve been there before and we love the place!) we also decided that even though the kids and i were having a fun time, for the most part, it was really sad without him…and adam was really seriously sad and lonely the entire time at home all alone by himself much of the time (something that is desired when he knows we’ll be back in a short time but when the end is not for a fully week…he was incredibly sad and lonely and he kept saying how he’s never been away from us that long, in anticipation of a full week, and he just broke my heart hearing that and feeling it too on my end.)…and of course scared at the same time about his mom. and i couldn’t be there with him. i could really feel what he was feeling…it oozed out of his voice when i talked on the phone and i couldn’t do anything to help because i was 6 hours away. it sucked! he just kills me with how much he loves us and how he hates being apart from us…just warms my heart and tears me up at the same time! he’s just such a sweetie!

anyway so we decided that the best thing would be for him to go ahead and head down. this was tuesday…he’d arrive late tuesday nite, and then spend wed with us at legoland and then thursday we would head back for his mom’s surgery…together. we weren’t happy being away from him any more so i told him to just come get us. the thought of the rest of the week without him was unbearable. so then he headed down and talk about exciting! watching him walk in that door…my lovable sexy man! 🙂 then i can’t remember when we found out…maybe the next day? can’t remember…found out his mom’s surgery wasn’t going to be at 1pm as planned (we figured we’d get up and leave at like 5am and the kids would sleep most of the way)…nope…that got bumped UP to 11am and she was going in at 10am. so there was no way we’d be able to leave in the morning and get there in time to see her before surgery if we left that morning. *sigh* could there be any more changes? geez this week’s been a roller coaster!

so we spent the day in legoland…they closed at 5pm…we went back to the hotel to relax and decide what to do. finally decided to eat dinner, pack up the van and head back that night. so adam didn’t even get a full day in carlsbad and never even got to see the beach. 🙁 but…we did get back home by 1am-ish and we all got to go see his mom before she went in to surgery the next morning. and MAN are we glad to be home and done with “vacation”!!

latest news is that she made it through surgery and is doing fine…THANK HEAVENS! of course that was the most important thing! and now we still have the rest of this week that adam doesn’t have to work…so we still get time with him! not exactly what we had planned…but we’ll take it!

phew! that was just too much “vacation” for me! i’m glad to get back to normal life and just move on! geez louise talk about a week!

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