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probably nothing will ever come of it…i don’t know… but i’ve been reading up on davis, california today. its such a cute little town, from what i remember. its just about 20min or so from sacramento, depending on traffic…maybe 30. when i lived in sac, i babysat for a whole weekend in davis once. 2 full days there and i took the kids all over town, to movies, shopping, etc…what i remember is a really cute little town. i remember liking the feel of it.

researching it today…it does sound promising…other than the fact that it is very hot, just like here…and the houses are way more expensive than here. 🙁

but there’s sooooo much that sounds great about it! what i like especially is that its so close to sacramento (which i LOVE) and yet not in the city…its a very community-minded little town, from what i read. and i also like that its quite close to san fran as well…which also is great place to take kids…lots of educational opportunities, and beaches!

from what i can tell online, davis has WAY better air than fresno. according to this air compare site i found… fresno county had 106 bad air days in 2007 compared to 4 in yolo county! i don’t know how accurate that is, but it does seem like a big difference.

crime is SIGNIFICANTLY lower as well.

the biggest problem i foresee right now is, though, that i don’t see my husband wanting to move. i keep dreaming and researching here and there, just to see what’s out there. figure it can’t hurt. but it really comes down to i need him to be on board as well and i will NOT bully him into moving if he won’t feel good about it. i want him to be excited about the potentials in a new place as well.

the biggest thing for him is that he was born and raised here and he just doesn’t see any reason to move. plus all his family (except one sister) are here. well all my family (except my brother) are here as well…and i don’t want to leave them either…so i’d only go if they went too. my mom told me recently that they would follow us if we moved. so that’s one problem solved. but i doubt that adam’s family would ever all be able to move together to the same place.

what an awesome thing that would be, though! if we could all pack up and move to davis together! LOL!!!

biggest problems i see for that, tho is that adam has family that are sharing custody of children…so of course they cannot move away from their children, or move their children away from their other parents. that would not be at all what i would want ANYONE to do! well, anyway, i can keep dreaming of moving to a better place and keep thinking and maybe someday i’ll find a solution. until then i just am going to keep trying to be ok living here. its very hard. because i HATE it here. but i need to figure out how to not dwell on that.

there’s just so much more i want for my kids. there’s so much that they’re not getting here…great places to visit like museums and cultural events…we have some here, but not much, and not great….and natural beauty…the only natural beauty here we have to travel to…its not all around them, as it should be (in my mind) davis has LOTS of trees and green areas. *sigh* i want to move my kids to a low-crime area (davis is much lower than here), i want them to have cleaner air (davis is much cleaner)…i want to go someplace smaller with a sense of community, but still close to bigger city with all the opportunities that come with that.

oh well…i’ll just keep dreaming…. *sigh*

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