really fed up

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if one more person says to me “don’t we all need cash?” or “times are hard for everyone” or something along those lines…i’m gonna go ballistic on them! i’m so tired of telling someone about how i’m doing something because we need cash bad or times are hard or whatever, just to be dismissed with “everyone’s got it bad” or whatever. yes, i KNOW this! but frankly, i don’t care about everyone…right now i’m worrying about my OWN family…and things are really not going well again…just found out our cash is gone. and adam just was paid a couple days ago and if i don’t find about $300 fast, we’re going to start bouncing in our main account. and the only people who currently have xmas gifts in this house are the kids and adam. i’m pretty sure adam hasn’t gotten anything for me yet. but i don’t really care about that. honestly.

i knew this would eventually happen…because of the pay cut.

but i’m just soooooooo tired of people essentially devaluing my situation because “everyone” has it bad right now. yeah, so? so if everyone is hurting, does it make it any easier on my own situation? no, i don’t think so. and anyway, its not like i’m going on and on to some of these people…the latest one that told me this was someone that i only talk to on IM like once every 6months!!!

it just really pisses me off! why don’t you just say “yeah, so?” cuz that’s really what you mean!!! “yeah, so what? your family needs money…yeah, so? who cares? everyone has it bad, so why should i care about you???”

just really rude and hurtful, i think.

its not like i’m asking the person i’m talking to to FIX IT FOR ME!!!!

i’m just really so pissed right now about this because i hear it all the time!!!!!!

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