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i love halloween! i do! not as much as my good friend beckie, but i really do love it! its a fun time of the year…i think dressing up is way fun and fall harvest decor and activities are fun…and candy is fun, lol! its all fun!

i don’t, however, particularly enjoy the spooky side of halloween…welllll…i don’t NOT like it…spooky is ok with me…its the gory that i don’t like. i never have liked gory. and now that i have children…i like it even less and get downright annoyed at how much it is thrust into our faces every year. not everyone likes the gore and creepy stuff…so why is it fair to have it bombard every visit to every store this time of year?

they are having a discussion about scary halloween displays in stores right now on my local mommy egroup…and i will tread lightly on this topic because i know, beckie, that you and i have differing opinions on this and i dearly love you and don’t at all want to offend my dear “right-hand mama!”

i do have issues with the creepy, scary stuff bombarding us every year at halloween…i don’t have a problem with its existance…nor even that stores sell and display this stuff….i just would prefer that it was kept to a separate section so that those with sensitivities to it can avoid it. i don’t think that’s too much to ask.

now i do have a very sensitive child…others do not.

and on a side note– i firmly believe that i did NOT create this in her. its innate. i get so sick of others suggesting i’m to blame for her sensitivities and so, yes, i am sensitive to comments that make me feel that is being suggested. so my advice to all my friends is don’t suggest it if you don’t want me to get pissed off, LOL! i think most of them know this…but perhaps not, LOL!

but yes, i do have a sensitive child…and so i do avoid the scary stuff or things that might be interpreted as scary. but honestly i’d avoid it anyway because i personally don’t like it and i don’t feel it appropriate for my children. MY children…i don’t claim to know what’s right for other people’s children, of course! 🙂

and so yes, i would have a problem if i went into a store that had a big scary, gross halloween display in a place that we couldn’t avoid upon entering…i don’t have a problem with there being a halloween section…we can easily avoid that.

i also have a problem with PG and R-rated movies being played on tvs at stores! and seriously violent video games! there are reasons for the ratings! research has proven time and time again that these shows and games are inappropriate for young children… go to the lion and lamb project to see scads of articles and research on the topics of viewing violence and children. its totally up to parents to decide what their children can and cannot watch…i respect that in others…so all i expect is the same in return…

it’s disrespectful and inappropriate to bombard families with images that many might find offensive. yes, you can just choose not to go to the stores with the offenses…but its happening all over the place these days so what are we supposed to do? stay home all the time? we have stores like target and walmart, that sell pretty much everything (and i shop at regularly), that have the scary displays up and sometimes inappropriate shows and games playing…becomes a game to get away from it all! and not a fun one! we have grocery stores with scary halloween displays…electronic stores with very LOUD inappropriate shows and games playing…and on and on and on…so how are we to avoid it all? we have to shop for things! i need toilet paper, food, clothes, etc….i can’t buy it all online, nor should i have to!

and do people even realize how hard and how awkward it is to have to keep avoiding places and displays and such? yes, i believe in freedom and that those that enjoy that stuff should be allowed to enjoy it…but not at the expense of those that don’t enjoy it…and definitely not at the expense of the sensitive children who may even be literally traumatized by it. my child can sometimes have nightmares about this stuff…i don’t think the joy of others should come above her possible emotional injury.

that’s just my belief.

make it easily avoidable…and maybe even give us some warning signs to help us avoid it. that’s all i’m asking….

if you have scary halloween displays…put it all in one place and point signs towards it so those that want to enjoy it can find it easily and those that want to avoid it can avoid it easily.

put the PG & R rated movies and video games in a separate section where it cannot be viewed or heard by young children…separate room would be even better! but not necessarily realistic for most stores…so just put it somewhere where it can be avoided. and mark it for those that want to avoid it. “warning, movies and games in this area may not be suitable for young children”…they do this for tv and movies…why can’t they do this for stores? mark that section rated M for mature!

i really don’t think that’s asking too much.

i respect other’s rights to choose what their children are exposed to ….i expect the same respect. let ME choose what my child is exposed to.

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  1. Marlo Boux

    Hi Tina;

    I like the points you make about keeping the gory Halloween stuff seperate etc. I couldn’t agree more. My little guy is 7 and tries to be brave but he isn’t (hehe). I don’t allow him to wear costumes like that and I have to avoid places that are too creepy at that time of year.

    Do video stores play R rated movies? Yikes, I didn’t notice that before. We go to Blockbuster to rent so I will be more aware of this in the future.

    Have a great day – will return your email on Monday 🙂

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