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tyren is behind me on the couch, watching “little einsteins”, hopefully getting sleepy. this is our night time routine for him…he falls asleep on the couch while i work/play on the computer. tonight has been hard to get either one of the kids asleep though. i just had to do the “heavy game” with maeven…she’s been in bed for awhile and can’t sleep…so she likes me to do this game where i start at her toes and touch toes, shins, thighs, hips, etc…all the way up to her head…while telling her that part is getting very very heavy…she really likes it, i’ve been doing it with her for years. hopefully it worked to help her get to sleep.

our schedules are all out of wack with the change in time (daylight savings) and just in general we’ve been sleeping later lately, which means we are up later…and so on. vicious cycle.

tyren, incidentally…is not only mostly potty trained now (woohoo!) , but he’s been waking up DRY most mornings! not sure how that happened at the same time…i didn’t expect it yet. pretty dang cool. potty treats is what worked for him (for potty training, not the night time thing)…giving him a (non-sweet) treat every time he would go pee or poop…not only that but maeven got a treat for encouraging him to go. so its just worked like magic!

i have always had the theory that if they are later learning something, that they will learn it more quickly…and that’s almost always proven to be true with my kids. so i guess i just have to keep reminding myself to relax and things will happen when they happen. i just didn’t want to have a 4 or 5yr old in diapers. wouldn’t have been the end of the world…but i really wanted him to be done with diapers. i’m so ready to be past the baby phase completely. although i will miss his cute toddler-ness. he’s just so darn cute the way he says things and the way he dances around when excited and oh so many things!

and check out the curls again!!

i just can’t get over them! LOL! and neither can anyone else, since he gets comments about them still everywhere we go. 🙂 i do hope he gets some length to his hair eventually, though…i have always wanted to have a little boy with long hair…just like daddy’s.

anyhoo, here’s some recent pics of maeven too:

maeve and one of her best friends, brooke.

hangin’ in the hammock

now there’s a child on my lap, so i guess my blogging is over.

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