proselytizers at the park

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i meant to blog about this when it happened, like a week and a half ago…but just now remembered.

ok, anyone who’s read my blog for any length of time knows that i’m not religious…haven’t considered myself christian for like, um…going on 20years. maybe more like 15, i guess…since my early to mid-20s at least. anyway…probably because of this i’m pretty sensitive to most things religious.

i already know all about christianity and i don’t like anyone trying to convert me. i was raised by a preacher (navy chaplain for most of my childhood, but preacher til i was 7, then again after he retired from the navy, when i was in my early 20s.) a very liberal, open-minded preacher…not at all a fire and brimstone, you’re going to hell if you don’t believe my way kind of guy (thank heavens!) very respectful of other’s beliefs, kind of dad-preacher. (but don’t believe for a second that it doesn’t hurt him to know that i’ve not followed his beliefs…and that makes me very sad because i do wish i could believe like him, because i know it means so much to him…but i simply cannot believe in one way anymore. but that’s a topic for another post someday perhaps…) so anyway i KNOW about jesus and all the yada yada yada that the missionaries and jehovah’s witnesses and bible thumpers of all kinds want to cram down my non-believing throat any chance they get. (is this a sensitive subject to me…ya betcha!)

so in the first place i find proselytizing INCREDIBLY ARROGANT. actually any religion that claims to be the “only way” i find incredibly arrogant…and going out and telling people that they are wrong and are going to hell if they don’t change their ways and believe as they do…i just have serious issues with.

so its bad enough that they consistantly show up at my doorstep (i REALLY need a sign to tell them to GO AWAY!!!) but when they start approaching me at the park where i’m playing with my children…this just made me seeth!

yup, 2 mormon missionaries (you can always tell their mormons…they always go in 2s, nearly always boys/men, even though i’m told females do missionary work as well, i’ve yet to see any…always in white dress shirts, black dress pants, black tie, riding bicycles with helmets…not doubt when you see them, the always look the same.) were making their way through railroad park the other day when i was there…i didn’t notice them until one of them approached me…

its hard enough when they come to your door…but at the park?? at least at home i can close the door on them if they don’t take no for an answer. at the park you’re kind of a captive audience…unless you want to ruin the day for your kids and scoop them up protesting loudly and take them home to get away from the missionaries. which i don’t believe those missionaries have the right to do to my day, so i won’t do that!

this young guy starts his spiel and i immediately tell him as kindly as i can through clenched teeth that i’m not interested in hearing what he has to say (i DO try to be nice, but they REALLY piss me off with what they are doing…see previous reference to arrogant beyond belief)… usually they desist and leave me alone when i tell them this…and they usually are super nice about it too (really, there is one thing i can say for sure…mormons truly are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet…i think that’s part of their religion, truly…for good reason, i’m sure it helps win over many people. not me though.)

so this guy doesn’t take no for an answer and starts to ask me if i know anyone that would like to be able to be with their loved ones for eternity…this REALLY pissed me off…because maeven was relearning how to ride her bike and she was getting further and further from sight as i’m wrangling with this guy…and tyren is nearer but also on his bike (trike) and getting further away as well, and i need to follow them and this guy is following behind me distracting me from my kids!! so i snarled something like “PLEASE!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!” i’m afraid i lost all my niceness once he persisted and i was just super perturbed that he would even be approaching me at the park in the first place!

ok so that’s probably just my own beef…i suppose others wouldn’t be so bothered by it. but i am. so there. and as i watched later, i saw them continue to go through the entire park, hitting (as far as i could tell), every single parent there! and it was a busy day!


seriously, the gall. i’m sorry, i really just don’t have any patience or understanding for missionaries harassing me and my children. UGH!!

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