potty training not going well

i’m so tired of potty training. tyren goes back and forth sooooo much its driving me INSANE. maeven wasn’t like this. she was really easy in comparison. i really didn’t have to do much with her, in comparison.

i finally broke down and decided to try using rewards (i’m not a big fan of reward systems). we are doing a sticker chart now and he often acts excited about it! but then later he could care less. even talking about him getting a special treat for getting a lot of stickers…doesn’t matter.

i am thinking i might go buy some m&ms and see if that helps motivate him. or maybe hershey kisses. give him a kiss every time he goes potty. he does like his chocolate! i just need to get him in the habit…its not going to be something that i have to do forever…just to get him in the habit! because he’s fully capable, physically…he just chooses not to do it. *sigh*

i have been trying to take him potty every hour. works ok the first half of the day, second half he won’t have it. i think he gets tired of it. absolutely refuses to even just sit and try when i ask. *sigh*

half the time he makes it to the potty fine, half the time he just pees wherever he is. *sigh* its really hit or miss.

pullups are a waste of time. they are just diapers to him. he doesn’t care that they can be pulled down to pee. same thing for undies and even pants. he just pees in them. and where he used to make it to the potty great if he was nakey…not anymore. he often will sit and watch himself pee.

this shouldn’t really surprise me…he’s oppositional about every other thing in his life. he absolutely has to do the opposite of what i want…most every time!!

right now i’m biding my time for this potty watch that i ordered to come in. he is really excited about it…i hope it works!! maybe it will get him to have the control and be more excited about it…because then its HIS watch that tells him to go potty, not ME!

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