This is a site idea I came up with years ago because I always throw so much into my kids’ birthday parties. I wanted to be able to have a site to share that show all the different things that we’ve done, to share the ideas with others. Maybe eventually put together packets to sell these ideas as kits or something. But for now, just get all the images and info about all the MANY parties that I created over the years for my 2 kiddos. I know there were a couple dozen at least.

I did start this at one point, but took it down when I didn’t have time to finish it. I saved a backup of my work though. I plan to get this back up again!!

  • Project Type: Resource website and possibly e-commerce
  • Focus: Kids birthday party themes and activitie
  • Started: Not currently up, but the domain was purchased in Jan 2014.
  • URL: