This is where I get to be me, the homeschool mom…

I started this blog a LONG time ago, and it has evolved a ton since then. Back when I began it, my kids were still quite young and I still was figuring out what homeschooling would look like for our family. I wanted a place on the web to share our journey and all the great info and resources I always find all over the web with other families like ours.

I’ve never consistently blogged on it. I’m not that kind of blogger.

There have never been any ads, though I do use Amazon affiliate links and I have tried selling some virtual products that I created on there in the past…they are now moved over to Tina’s Learning Adventures. I decided to segregate my businesses a bit, to focus my attention and make it easier to understand them each individually.

This is the place on the web where I get to be the education geek side of me.

I enjoy learning about learning and sharing what I’ve learned. I enjoy thinking about learning. I enjoy everything about learning and about figuring out how to best make my children’s journey in homeschooling work to light their fire for learning as well. I have struggled a LOT with that, so this is where I write about that and all the things that I’ve learned along the way.

And I am on the web every day, discovering new things, and this is where I share those things as they pertain to learning.

I also like to compile lists of info. I’m weird that way. So I compile them for myself and I share them here because I know others appreciate them as well.

I make step-by-step tutorials on things that need them, like how to get legally set up to homeschool in my state (California). So I have a very detailed tutorial on that on this site.

And I come up with new ideas all the time, or new musings or new things I have learned, ALL the time! The latest thing I have been doing is copying/pasting my deep conversations from Facebook conversations I’m having. They actually make pretty decent blog posts.

I also used to have a Blogger blog and I didn’t want that to get lost if that site ever disappeared so I uploaded all my old posts from there onto Homeschool Realm as well. I may end up moving them all to Tina’s Realm now since they are not all homeschool related…but for now, they are there, under the category “Old Blogger Posts”, so they can be easily found. Those go WAY back to my first days of blogging ever.