This was my first website. I learned so much playing with this website over the 20 years that it has existed so far!

My mom sketched the original logo with a pencil on paper way back when I was first getting started. I have loved this image and used it ever since. My husband cleaned it up and digitized it and colored it in for me years later so it remains true to the original image but much cleaner and more graphic-like, less pencil-drawing-like.

If you go to the Wayback Machine and lookup my URL, you can go way back to its beginnings and click through and see all of its iterations and how it’s evolved over time. I find it really fun to look back over all the years of this site.

It’s a very special project for me. I literally was learning and growing it as I was raising my little ones.
(I created it just 2 months after my oldest was born!)

This is the site that got me hooked on creating and playing with websites! I owe everything to this little idea!

Over the years I have run into SO MANY PEOPLE that know this site. 20 years later, it STILL gets fantastic search engine placement and lots of people tell me they still use it regularly.

It started because I had a need that I couldn’t find on the web at the time. I needed to be able to find what was out there for myself, as a new mom, in the area. So since I couldn’t find anything, I created it! And everything I discovered, I added to my website so others could also benefit from what I learned. And from there, it grew and grew and grew!

I even had a story on the news about it once, so many years ago!! I was so jazzed about that!

I love this site dearly and will continue to work on it for the years to come.