This site was a spin-off idea from my highly successful site,, which is a local family resource directory.

I already had local family outings (aka field trips) info in that local online directory and it occurred to me one day that it would be really cool to have an online directory that listed all the places all over the state to take kids for family field trips! Something that people across the state could use, and something I had already been collecting info on for some time.

Since I used to run a local field trip business (part of Tina’s Learning Adventures’ history), I had compiled a very detailed spreadsheet of places to visit all over our state, so I have quite a lot of info all ready to upload to this site!

I started building this site a while back, but I just have so many other projects I am working on, and I haven’t allowed myself to spend time on this to any real extent yet. I need to focus right now on the biz that is most likely to bring our family much-needed income first. But I’m super excited to get this one up and running! It’s already looking gorgeous!

I put a “coming soon” page up so it’s not viewable to the public yet. But you can see in the images above that there is content behind the scenes there already.