politics is not my thing

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but i figure i should really start reading up on things since the election is coming up. and i know that i’m going to vote because there’s a proposition i want to vote against…the one that is trying to overturn the legality of gay marriage. i DEFINITELY don’t want them to take that away from the homosexual californians! so i’ll be voting when the time comes so i’m trying to educate myself more on the presidential candidates.

i have to say that i’m already very turned off by mccain simply because he just seems like an older bush…more of the same. and the fact that from all i’ve read it looks like he has no plans to end the war in iraq is reason enough for me to NOT vote for him.

but then i figured i better read up on obama cuz just cuz he’s not mccain doesn’t necessarily make him a good choice…well so far everything i’ve found on him hasn’t turned me against him. in fact, this speech (below) actually really made me like him an awful lot! although, of course, i know that it is probably a reason for many christians to turn against him. but i really see it as incredibly enlightened thinking for a politician to not only acknowledge that there ARE other beliefs in america other than christian but that not all christians even have the same beliefs!

so this made me want to stand up and cheer! more research to do though. 🙂

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