please follow me!

forgot to mention…you may have noticed some radical changes recently to my blog…one of the things i did was upgrade my template and add a “followers” widget. i know there’s not many people following my blog, but those that are, can you please click on “follow this blog” in the right sidebar and add yourself to my list? then people can see your blogs and maybe get you more traffic. and also just make me feel good to know you’re following me! 🙂

if you’re already following in a reader…i know that my google reader added it to my reader when i followed a friend i was already subscribed to, so she was in there twice…but all i did was delete the original subscription and stick with the one linked through the widget. that way i show up on her sidebar and hopefully someone there will follow it to my blog. 🙂 never know! anyway, that will work the same for you…

ok its late i REALLY need to go to bed!

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