perish the thought!

i was just thinking that i’ve not been particularly chatty online lately…not a lot of blogging lately and such. weird, huh? guess i’ve just been busy. because…me? not chatty? perish the thought! LOL!

anyway, i’m really engrossed lately in the learning village, as well as the discovery center. i know i’ve mentioned it before, but to recap…

the learning village is the homeschool resource center i’m starting here locally. i am the person with the idea and heading up the whole thing…self appointed president of the board and executive director of the center (once it’s open)…well, someone has to do it! 🙂 i’m happy to step down if someone else wants the job. 🙂 anyway i’m so full of ideas for this center and its finally coming to fruition!

we open our doors july 1! so we have a lot of stuff still to accomplish between now and then…including raising $300 to pay for the 1023…which is the irs’s form to make us a tax exempt nonprofit. we’ve already filed the other files needed to make us a nonprofit…this last one (for now) that we need to do is for the official 501 (c)(3) status. then we can be able to collect donations and give tax write-offs for them and such.

the center is my new baby. i’m very excited about it! i think we’ll soon be practically living there…which will be at the discovery center, since there’s where we’re renting space. we’ll be holding lots of fun classes (already have a bunch of people that are volunteering to teach classes and lead activities). and have a cool lending library (already got a ton of people saving stuff to donate! even had someone tell me yesterday they have a computer they will donate!) and eventually i want to do family events such as seasonal things like a spring egg hunt, harvest/halloween party, etc…there’s really a ton of things that we could do! the possibilities are endless! i’m actually at the point now where i’m having to reign in some of my ideas and enthusiasm and focus on things to do FIRST. because we cannot do everything at once. we need to start small and work our way up.

so right now we are focusing on getting the paperwork done (which i actually want to go work on once i finish posting this.) and getting people to save stuff to donate and getting people to officially volunteer to lead classes (collect the info and start following up on leads.)

i want to have some stuff to provide right from that first month. get things on the calendar and encourage people to join.

now…the other big project in my life….the discovery center…luckily this sort of goes hand in hand with TLV, because they share property. i’ve been doing a lot of brainstorming on ideas to help TDC…but first i’m trying to find out more about how things currently are. i am taking notes on brainstorming sessions, to refer to later when appropriate…and just trying to learn all i can about what it means to be TDC board member. its very exciting because there’s just SO much potential at the facility! i hope i can help to move things forward and help them see some of the goals come to fruition…and most importantly help improve the grounds and increase attendance.

anyway, i’m rambling. there, i’ve blogged this week. 🙂 going to go work on TLV paperwork, which i’ve not picked up this week yet.

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