Pain sucks

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According to this Lego pain scale, I guess I’m at a 4 since it’s making tasks difficult. Although I am trying to push through, it is making my life difficult, for sure.

I had a doctor’s appt last week to figure out what’s going on with my shoulder. She has sent me to get an x-ray so we don’t know for sure yet, but she is looking at possible rotator cuff issues. No idea how that could have happened. All I know is a couple months ago my shoulder started seriously hurting and while it does go up and down in intensity, it is NOT getting better. The pain is constant in some form.

And I am at the point that I can no longer angle my arm to hook a bra in back. Aw too bad, I hate bras anyway, but the first time I discovered that, when I went to put one on to go to the store (the only time I wear one these days), I suffered an excruciated surprising intense shock of pain. So that was no fun. And then it takes awhile for the pain to ebb afterwards as it continues to throb for some time afterward. And the soreness lingers.

Recently I discovered I have to be careful when I go to open curtains, reach across from the drivers side of the car to unlock the passenger’s side, and even when I’m sitting at my desk using the mouse, I have to sit close to the mouse because if I sit too far, my shoulder starts to ache.

So yeah, super fun.

And THEN there’s my tooth.

I have this upper tooth that has been sensitive off and on for months now. But it keeps getting worse and then better. I finally went in to a dentist to see what’s going on. He tried replacing the filling in it just before Xmas. That was super fun to have a new filling at Xmas. It felt like a bad spackle job in there and kept tearing up the side of my tongue for days and days until it finally smoothed out! I STILL have this one spot that never smoothed out!

Anyway, it didn’t help that tooth at all and the pain is still there like before, and actually getting much worse. AND when he did my filling he had to keep shooting me with Novocain because I could keep feeling the drill. Even after a couple big doses I still could feel it some and it was uncomfortable but I just wanted to get it over with at that point and tolerated it.

So he referred me to a root canal specialist because he said that is unusual. So I don’t know if that’s what’s going on in there or what, but JUST last night, it started getting SUPER sensitive to cold drinks. Like painfully sensitive. It’s a bit better today and not so painful, just sensitive…but it’s not fun. And I still have close to 3 weeks until my root canal doctor appt.

I’m going to see how I feel the rest of this week and might call them and see if I can come in sooner if it keeps getting worse.

SO ANYWAY…my shoulder (and sometimes my elbow too…both in my right arm) are in pain, my tooth, and I just feel tired and blah.

Got the pandemic blahs too. Just ready to be doing better all around. Not in pain, not cooped up, doing well in my biz, making money, able to see friends, able to get my kids out of the house, able to get life back to some semblance of normal, whatever that means.

I know the entire world feels this right now. And that does somewhat help. Knowing I’m not at all alone in this blah. And I do know that lots of people are much worse off than me. So I know in the scheme of things I’m ok. I just feel BLAH. And feel like whining on MY BLOG.

Because writing helps me feel better. So there. I feel a little better getting it out.

Oh! One good thing! We finally got our new mailbox installed! We got a new one because our old one was super old and the mail lady was complaining it was too short. So we got a new one for our birthdays in November from my parents (because we didn’t have the moolah…they aren’t cheap! We needed a locking one because we’ve had our mail stolen multiple times!) and just hadn’t gotten around to installing it because it meant digging a new hole and all that. Bleh. Too much work.

But yesterday we FINALLY got the whole fam damily out there and did the work and it’s DONE! Concrete and all! YAY! One thing that has been hanging over our heads DONE. So YAY!! Hopefully the mail lady is happy now. And now our mail will no longer be stolen.

Ok, now I’m going to go try to actually accomplish something. I got a new prescription of Ritalin that is higher dose and I’m trying to figure out if it’s working better because the lower dose really did nothing for me. We shall see! Off to work on Tina’s Learning Adventures!

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