pain, horrible pain

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we interrupt your regularly scheduled high school memories to share with you how much pain i’m in today. ugh.

somehow in my sleep i managed to get a horrible pain in my neck. HOW does that happen?

its really quite bad…makes me not want to move my head. i look very stiff-necked. bleh. i’m sure it will clear up in a day or 2…but until then…i’m hatin life.

i also woke up with cramps. weird cuz ever since the last baby i don’t get menstrual cramps. but this morning i woke up with a crick in my neck and cramps. fun. the pain got so bad i was literally nauseous! but life as a mommy must go on!

and since i was out of pads, i had to pile my brood into the car and make a run to target. oh THAT was fun. tyren took that opportunity to be very tantrum prone. not that that’s out of the ordinary…but there is a certain amount of expectation (as unrealistic as it may be) that the children should be sympathetic to a mom in pain and behave accordingly. oh no, not my 2 year old. (of course i realize how ridiculous it is to expect children to behave when there’s a special circumstance…but i never said it was a rational thought!)

one short trip to target and i’m wiped out! i did get some good deals, though, hehe. found some cute rubber boots with bug faces on them for tyren on clearance for $3.47 –dang good deal! they are huge on him now but i figure by the time we get rain again, they should be fitting decently. i also found some cool rolley bags…they are luggage/school bags and i plan to use them for the kids school work. got tyren one too cuz that way he can have his own bag of stuff to keep him busy while maeven works on school stuff. (pretty good deal for $9.99!) now i just have to figure out what to put in it. 🙂

anyway…i just wanted to moan a little about the pain i’m in today. back to your normal lives. i’m done.

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