OMG! More Tyren stuff!!

ok i’m starting to feel bad because i feel like i’m always blogging about tyren…but i tell ya…he’s always doing stuff that is blogworthy! but i WILL try to find more things to blog about maeven too…because she’s a hoot as well!

but i have to tell you that not long after the masking tape incident i realized, again, that he was being too quiet…and i went looking for him. found him in the family bedroom with the door closed. uh oh.

i walk in and what do i find? the little stinker has gotten ahold of our sugar-pourer-thingy (the kind they have at diners, where you pour your sugar from a glass container with a metal lid? don’t know what to call it), and has poured himself some sugar into a plastic cup (HALF FULL!!! this is one of those kiddy cups from boston market…that’s a LOT of sugar!) and is EATING IT WITH A SPOON!!!!

i had to call adam and tell him about that one, and the masking tape incident. 2 things in one day…what a kid i got here.

well then i must share this video from later the same day. if you’re not laughing watching this…well, you just don’t know what funny is!!!

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