OMG its HOT!!!

its that time of year i’m reminded vividly how much i HATE living in fresno in the summer! according to the weather report on monday, we have 7 straight days of over 100degrees to look forward to. 108 yesterday, i believe. and i think its supposed to be 110 today. really after it gets over 100, the numbers don’t really matter anymore. its just insanely hot. i hate it. with a passion. makes me want to MOVE, every year.

there’s so many reasons why i hate living here, but this one (the extreme heat) is the absolute top of the list. i can get by with the other reasons (lack of things to do, lack of natural beauty in town, lack of positive energy, lack of child-friendliness, low number of high quality educational opportunities like children’s museums that are either substandard or 45min away or more, not enough trees, far too much crime, lack of a cool downtown area like sacramento’s…i LOVE sacramento and their downtown! argh….i could go on and on…i really don’t like fresno, can you tell?)…i can live with all those…i have to…but i can’t ever make peace with the heat. ugh.

i’m in a foul mood, so forgive me for bitching. it IS my blog, afterall, and this is the place for me to bitch. because i really am hating the way things are going right now, ugh. and we cannot even afford to go somewhere cooler cuz its too stinkin expensive to buy gas and we are pretty much BROKE!! (as always) the only money we have right now (and very little groceries, yet again) is the money that we have earmarked for remodeling the big room and we are trying really hard not to dip into that. we’ve whittled that away far too many times, so this time we are trying to really discipline ourselves to not touch it except for the room.

i’m not sure what i’m i’m going to do with the kids today. i don’t even like to just go play in the water in the backyard cuz its just too HOT! and being cooped up always causes my kids to go stir crazy and fight like crazy. i have to put on my thinking cap and think of things to do with them today that will entertain them. art projects or something. unfortunately the vast majority of my art supplies are in the stinking hot shed, and in need of cleaning the toxic mold off them. bleh.

good lord i’m feeling like a whiney butt right now! i just got my period this morning so i’m cramping a little and probably hormonal…so i’m sure that’s relevant, in conjunction with the heat.

on the plus side (yes, i must try to find one), we had a really nice visit with an old friend yesterday. not old as in elderly but as in someone we hadn’t seen in years. i just got the thought to call a friend i hadn’t contacted pretty much since tyren was born…he’s 3 now, by the way…birthday 2 days ago! my big boy! 🙂

anyway, my friend robine used to own the young at art studio where maeven goes to art class. she’s super cool and kind and sweet. i just love her! she’s so fun! i just called her out of the blue last week. wasn’t even sure the phone number would still work. it did! and we talked for over an hour! got caught up and she invited us to come swim the following week (this week) and so yesterday was the day and we had a blast! man does she have a cool (HUGE) house and property! the pool was way cool too! with waterfalls that the kids could actually climb all over and everything! maeven had a blast! robine has a daughter just maeven’s age and a younger daughter that is a year and a half younger than tyren. and a son that is 10. so there were plenty of kids to keep each other company. tyren and sophie, the youngest, were a bit far in age to actually play but seemed to be glad for each other’s company. and over time i’m guessing that that age difference will seem less and less important. its about the age difference, i think, between maeven and clem. (thea’s brother, who we play with every week)…and maeven and clem play together a lot when we’re over there, so i anticipate that in a year or 2, that might be tyr and sophie. we’ll see.

anyway we did have a lot of fun hanging out, despite the horrid heat. and we are planning on doing it again when the heat isn’t so extreme. so there IS some good stuff happening around here too. 🙂

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