OK so i suck, LOL

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i’m not so good at this blog stuff…i am real good at writing to my egroups and my own personal journal, but can’t seem to find the time for this darn thing. lol. well i’m going to start trying again…let’s see…

i’m pregnant again. after losing baelin last april, this pregnancy happening again so soon after losing my son at birth has been a bit rough emotionally…but we’ve had 2 ultrasounds that tell us that he’s fine, and that he’s a boy!

so now that i’m 18wks, past that first trimester miscarriage scare and starting to feel minor movements here and there, i’m starting to feel better about the whole thing. i’m sure all hell will break lose when the birth becomes imminent, since that’s when we lost baelin, but for now, i’m really starting to enjoy this pregnancy. its been so uneventful except for lots of migraines.

finally dragged out my maternity clothes…this one being my third i thought i’d be in them real early…but i guess this one’s going to be a little guy. at least for now he is. 🙂 and i only just recently was able to warrant putting on maternity clothes. kinda fun. i do wish we could fast forward though…i really want to meet this little one and know he’s going to be alright.

well i better go for now…my brother’s coming over and i have to get dressed. i’ll try to start doing this more often, we’ll see if i succeed. 🙂

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