ode to adam

ok its not an ode. but it sounded like a good title.

i had to write a little about my darling husband.

this is a pic i took of him on thanksgiving…see his raised eyebrow? he does that when he looks at me sometimes…that’s his sexy look for me. it cracks me up!

things have been really wonderful with adam lately. oh we’ve had plenty of problems…i’m sure every married couple does. even recently we’ve had some doozies, i’d say. but all of a sudden we seem to be in a really good patch. we worked through some things and i am reveling in just adoring him again. its SUCH a FANTASTIC FEELING!

you know how when you’ve been with someone for awhile you no longer fully gaze at them with that tickly feeling in your tummy anymore and you just don’t see them the same way? at least, there are patches of that i suppose…well i’d been stuck in that for awhile and i’m happy to say i’m currently out of that rut and really giddy with love for my gorgeous hubby!

i can’t keep my hands off him! (and him, me!) and on thanksgiving i felt he was looking particularly handsome and kissable! got distracted by all the family and kids and such but i just wanted to eat him up at times! that pic of him above i took during one of those moments where i just wanted to wrap myself around him and kiss all over his handsome face!

its such a good feeling to really truly love someone. and to not only love them but to like him. this man who so often drives me crazy, also makes me so very happy and makes me laugh and laugh and laugh like no one ever can. he’s such a good, kind person and cares so deeply. and he makes me feel so loved and desired and cared for. i couldn’t ask for anyone better. i feel so deeply connected to him lately. its a wonderful feeling.

i could go on and on and on about adam. i find myself kissing and hugging him more than ever (and him, me!) lately. its so fun! all this started when he made it known to me that i wasn’t giving him enough time and attention…which i wasn’t. i get so caught up with kids and all the “stuff” i do that i had put him so low on my list of priorities and that was so unfair to him. good for him for bringing it to my attention! and thank heavens for something clicking in me and allowing me to see what i was missing out on and appreciating him again and really getting that spark back! oh its just marvelous!

i know i’ll get overwhelmed again, as always…but hopefully i’ll remember to find my way back to this place i’m at right now…and for now i’m reveling in this good feeling. and feeling like we are on our honeymoon again (but with constant interruptions from children, LOL! the other nite our “time together”, *wink*, was interrupted no less than 4 times by a waking baby! ARGH! now THAT tests patience and perseverence! LOL!)

anyway i wanted to toot my horn about my marvelous hubby for a bit. i am in a place right now that i could go on and on about him but not many people would want to hear it so i’ll just write it here, where i can write whatever i want! 🙂

i watch a lot of dr phil. i have seen a LOT of dysfunctional relationships on there. it blows my mind how people treat one another. i’m not proud of how i had allowed my husband to become such a low priority in my life, but i have never treated him as badly as some of these families i see on that show, wow! name-calling, for one, or just plain meanness…intentionally saying and doing things that hurt. that’s just mind-boggling to me. that’s not something that adam and i have ever done and will ever do. we have our moments of lashing out at each other…but the downright nastiness that some couples have for one another is just unfathomable to me! never in my life have i witnessed THAT firsthand, i’m happy to say! not in my parents, and not in MY relationships, ever! i’m very proud of that. my husband would never even think to call me names or intentionally try to hurt me, or me him!

and the yelling and constant fighting that so many children witness. not mine. oh adam and i fight, but not yelling and screaming at each other. and we don’t fight every day. we don’t always solve things, and we don’t always talk kindly to each other…but we are not nasty to each other. thank heavens, even at my maddest, or at his maddest. him especially. he has a lot more patience than i. he tends to stay calm and reasonable when i’m going off. and my going off is pretty mild in the scheme of things. i feel bad about it but then i see some of the maniacs on dr phil and i don’t feel like my “losing it” even warrants that term really, LOL!

i’m pretty happy about how this relationship of ours is going these days. and i’ve never once thought for a minute that we weren’t going to make it even when in the midst of difficulties. when the chips are down, adam is there for me like no one else. and always has. and for everyone else in his life too, actually…family, friends, etc. he’s such a good person. i can’t say that enough.

i may complain about stupid little things with adam that at times might feel large…but in the scheme of things…all the biggies…he’s really right there for me.

i just had to gush a little about my adam. did i mention how much i love him? and how loved i feel for the fact that he was so extremely upset by not getting enough attention from me?…i’m so glad! it means he really truly does care about ME! god what a wonderful feeling! i’m so blessed!

  1. weeze02

    Glad to see I’m not the only one that thinks Adam is solid gold. Or solid dark chocolate, depending on what you treasure the most.. I always hoped he’d find someone who would admire his character and humor as much as I do. Looks like Mission Accomplished! YAY!

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