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so i just FINALLY finished the revamp of the babyfest website. BIG change from what it looked like before, in pepto bismol pink.

and there are some that thought the site looked fine as it was….pshaw, LOL! it looks AWESOME now! if i do say so myself.

it was an ENORMOUS project. took me months to get it all done. glitch after glitch after glitch solved and improved on. i’m quite proud of myself, i am!

and the biggest thing for me is that now i have a new system that automates the vendor sign up…which is really really fantastic because it saves me a buttload of work.

before i used to have a form online for all vendors to sign up and then after they submitted their info they were taken to paypal to pay. then the form was sent to me and i copied/pasted their info onto the website. well that was a HUGE job…especially since we typically now have 70+ vendors. so now i am using a directory program. the same kind i use for my fresno family online mall and my mommy chats mommy biz directory. the new babyfest vendor directory will automate the whole process so i don’t have to put any of the info online, it does it for me. woohoo!

so now that i’ve done the babyfest revamp, its time to move on to something new. i have been putting off another huge revamp. i bought a new domain name and was planning on combining my 2 websites, fresno family and mommy chats. into one big family info site. so i guess its time for me to get working on that! 🙂 hmmmm, where to start?

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