nearly there

in just a few days i’ll be done with the madness of the past month. first TDC’s event, then halloween, then maeven’s birthday then her party…october/november are really crazy around here and i’m feelin it. will be glad to be done with it for another year so i can breathe and start gearing up for xmas. (ack, its not much longer til that crazy season, bleh).

anyhoo. i am determined to get this house shipshape. went to several stores yesterday just to buy the supplies needed. got tons of cleaning supplies (we were out of so many), and am attacking with vigor tomorrow.

still much to do on the party front but i’m trying to narrow it down to the easiest and cheapest ideas. it doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be wow, just fun. i have to keep telling myself that. and i’m getting maeven as involved as i possibly can. she’s really a great help these days, and finds party planning almost as fun as i do.

going to have to figure out what to do with our large cardboard boxes we have collected…maeven wants a tea house with a roof, but i suspect that might be too much to do by sunday. well, its not a really difficult thing to make, but my biggest question is what are we going to use to paint it? i need to price paint and if i can find something affordable, we’ll see…but we will need pretty much every color of the rainbow and then some. i’d just use tempera if TLV wasn’t already so short on it. (and out of many of the colors entirely). i am thinking house paint would work best but i don’t know how much it would cost for that many colors, even for the smallest of buckets. there’s no way i’m going to be able to spend $50 or more on paint, no way. not feasible. i’ll have to see what other sorts of paint might be available…i just doubt that tempera would cover the cardboard properly…it never really did before…hmmm…wait! i may have an idea…i think we have white house paint…and my dad might have some too…methinks i could paint it all white with what we already have and then see about getting more tempera to paint over it. it doesn’t have to last…its going to be recycled after the party, most likely…but i just want the paint to pop.

hmmm…this could possibly work. it will be a lot cheaper to run and buy the tempera we are out of than to have to buy house paint in bright colors, methinks. i know i do have some colors, so i wouldn’t need a ton. and i have plenty of brushes in all sizes. this could actually be quite fun! :)

and maeven’s the resident artist so of course i’d put her to work on the main painting anyway. :) i’ll just get the house assembled and we can all have fun putting the white base coat on and then see how it goes from there. tada! solution found. now i just have to go print up those house making directions again (i made one for maeve before, using our cardboard rivets.) and hunt down some white other neutral color’d house paint. voila!

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