nasty cold

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well actually the cold is just a normal cold. what makes it nasty…and this happens EVERY time i get a cold now…is the asthma kicking in. coughing up a lung each and every time i catch cold gets really old. and now i can’t find my inhaler. it was an ancient one anyway…actually it was adam’s from like 4 years ago. albuterol. it seemed to help sometimes to stave off the coughing fits. and now i cannot find it. i suspect i may have finally thrown it away since it was so old.

so now i’m down to 2 vicodin (for a different problem…migraines) and no inhaler…methinks its time to get myself to a dr! i don’t currently have a dr. i don’t have insurance. haven’t for years. actually i cannot remember the last time i did. can’t afford it.

but i need to get to a dr soon cuz this is really uncomfortable. and it happens consistantly. as do the migraines. so i need more vicodin. the prescription i currently have isn’t even mine. its my mom’s. she didn’t need it after her thyroid surgery and gave it to me cuz i was running out. i don’t even remember where i got the vicodin i had before…probably my mom then too actually…oh no i remember, i asked my obgyn for a prescription. after i had tyren. i made it last for quite awhile! i don’t use it often. only when the migraine is bad enough to warrant it. then i only take one at a time. and not every migraine warrants one. the milder ones, i don’t take anything for. i save the vicodin for the bad ones. because i need to spread out the medicine or i’ll be in the position i’m in now…facing running out.

*sigh* well i’ve been putting off calling this dr that i found out about that i think i’m going to like…only because i know we’re going to have to private pay and we just don’t have the money. but i think its time. i’ve put it off long enough. i’ll make a call tomorrow and see if she can see me anytime soon. it sure would be great to get my OWN prescriptions for a change…and refillable ones would be even better! and drugs that aren’t expired! the albuterol was very old, and i’ve taken expired vicodin many times as well. as far as i can tell, they just don’t work as well. i guess the strength wears off. but i always figure its better than nothing.

anyway, i really do need to see a dr. its time. i had foot pain going on for awhile that was another reason to go…but after months of seriously bad pain, it seems to finally be clearing up, for the most part. thankfully.

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