nakey butt tyren

we got a nakey butt boy here these days! just as i did with maeven, we’ve taken the nakey butt approach to potty training. seems to be working faster with tyren then it did with maeven! but i think that’s because i didn’t really start til he was older than she was. he wasn’t at ALL interested in using the potty til just recently. he just turned 3 in july and hadn’t at all gone potty on the potty til like a month ago. maeven had done it here and there between 2 and 3…didn’t perfect it til between 3 and 3 and half years. i had a feeling that this is how it would work with tyren…wait til he’s ready…he’ll start later, but then he’ll learn FAST! and it seems to be working that way! 🙂 took maeven the good part of a year to slowly figure it out…tyren is probably going to be done in just a couple months, if that. (although honestly, i really don’t care what it takes…whenever is fine. i’m in no hurry. wasn’t with maeven either. i’m pretty casual about potty training.)

so he stays nakey butt all day while we’re home and he’s doing it! he just goes into the bathroom and uses his little potty whenever he needs to go! he doesn’t even tell us he’s going! he even dumps the pee himself! (in the sink…not real happy about that…but i’m proud of his initiative!) twice now i’ve been just walking by the bathroom and noticed him in there on the potty and asked what he was doing and he’s said “pooping”. he is really gettin it! its really cool!

he’s only had 2 pee accidents so far. pretty dang good i think since i seem to recall maeven was peeing on the floor for WEEKS at least half the time before she finally figured it out. tyren is just running in there saying “i have to go pee!” like 20 times a day…and darned if he doesn’t pee most every time he runs in there!

yup, i’m one proud mama! i really dreaded this whole thing cuz to be perfectly honest i just really don’t enjoy potty training…which is why i just wait til they are ready…its just easier for me to keep them in diapers than to deal with all the accidents. but he was ready, obviously, so he’s doing it and he’s doing so well now that its really not a big deal for the most part!

so as long as the weather is warm enough, and as long as i think he still needs the extra help of being nakey, i’ll just keep him nakey (at least waist-down) and we’ll add underwear when i think that he’ll be able to deal with the extra step. for now, we’re just really proud of how well he’s doing!

woohoo! go tyren!!!

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