My son, the Chippendale

My 7 yr old son just took his shirt off and looked at me with a huge grin…
Tyr: “Mom, look!”
Me: “What?”
Tyr: “I’m a Chippendale!!”
Why does a 7yr old even know about Chippendales, you ask? Amazing Race Season 21. James and Jaymes, the Chippendales team. Chippendale dancers who brought their cuffs and collars on the race with them and did strut their bare-chested (but no dancing) stuff a few times during the 12 leg race. Who started off being one of my least favorite teams to start, ended up being one of my 2 favorite teams because they were just so dang sweet and caring and what’s not to love about running a race to win a million dollars for you parents??
1 of them had a dad dying of cancer and he wanted to help him not have to stress about money or even work anymore…and the other had a mom with no car that walked to work and he didn’t think that was right and wanted to help her. How stinkin sweet is that?
So, yeah, I thought it was hysterical and sweet that my 7yr old was pretending to be a Chippendale, like James and Jaymes. 🙂 All he knows Chippendales do is dance with no shirt, so funny!
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