my mud munchkins

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we’re digging out a sandpit in our backyard. for those of you who know my yard, its where the circle of stumps used to be…the stumps got really loose because of how much of them were eaten up by termites and so we pitched them…and we’re really excited about our new sandpit-to-be!!

we’ve had to soften the soil to make it easier to dig…it worked great the first day when we hadn’t dug down that far but on the second day i put the sprinkler on it we had dug down much further and there apparently is a fair amount of hardpan or something similar that causes the soil to not drain so much, so there was a lot of standing water still in the pit the next day when we went out to work on it some more. the kids had a BLAST playing in the mud!!

i’m really looking forward to getting this sandpit finished…we’re nearly done with the digging. i think it will prove to be very popular with the kiddos. and in the process of all this (with all the dug-out dirt), we’ve also created a great pile of dirt for a fun dirt play area in the back of the yard where they are having a blast digging and creating adventures with our little people and animals.

i remember as a child that my parents had bought a bunch of dirt to fill ammo boxes to make planters…that dirt never made it to the ammo boxes…the boxes never made it into planters either, LOL! my brother tim and i and all the neighborhood kids had SOOOO many hours of fun with that pile of dirt and those ammo boxes (separately). i’m glad to be creating similar memories for my kiddos.

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