My Little Monkeys

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Finally got around to scanning the photos we had taken of the kiddos at Halloween. Tyren was just about a week before turning 16mos and Maeven a few days before turning 6yrs. They were monkeys because Maeven decided that she wanted to have a jungle theme to her birthday this year (her bday is just 4 days after Halloween so we usually have her tie her theme and Halloween costume together)…and she’s totally into monkeys this year so my mom made them both monkey costumes. They were SOOOO cute! While trick or treating Maeven was hooting like a monkey at anyone and everyone and soon Tyren picked it up and was doing the same! Too funny!

They were chimpanzees, hence, no tails…in case you’re wondering. 🙂

I’ll get the Xmas photos scanned next chance I get.

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