my little girl is growing up!! *sniff*

maeven is now officially reading chapter books!! WOOOHOOO!!!

i’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for her to develop an interest in reading to herself. but while she is quite good at reading, she’s just not shown interest in reading to herself for fun. i have been dreaming of the day that she would bury her nose in a book just like her bookworm mom did around the same age (or maybe i was older, i don’t remember)…but worked really hard at not pressuring her.

i want her to develop the love of reading naturally…its not going to happen if i’m pushing her into it. especially MY daughter. she doesn’t work that way. LOL!

so, on to the news…yesterday we were at borders and i stumbled upon an early chapter book series about a magic kitten:


then one about a magic pony carousel…


she immediately took to the pony book. i texted my friend tiffiny who was at work at the library at the time (conveniently) and asked her to check if the library carries these books…since i don’t like buying books if i could get them for free from the library!

well, turned out they had 3 of the pony series but NOT the only copy that borders had…and none of the kitten series. so i bought all 3 of the books (there were 2 of the kitten books). because by this point maeven had had her nose stuck in that pony book and was following me following her brother around the store…while reading…walking and reading…my dream come true!!! and shooshing me when i tried to talk to her! LOL!! *sniff sniff* so proud mama here!!! i was just tickled pink and knew i HAD to buy that book! any book that grabs her attention enough to get her to read like that…gotta get it!!

so she took that book home and finished it later that day!! she says she had to skip a lot of words but got the gist of the book. then today she started the kitten series…and tells me that this book is WAY better and that it is easier for her to read and better story. so DOUBLE SCORE!! she’s still reading it! she made bookmarks for all her new books and took the book with her to daddy/daughter day to read in the car! LOL!!

i couldn’t be prouder!!! my little bookworm has finally discovered the joy of reading to herself!! HALLELUJAH!!!!

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