my life, in a nutshell

i just was wanting to update what’s going on these days over here in tina’s realm…

things have been actually going pretty good around here lately…i’m not feeling such a heavy blanket of stress that i can barely breathe…i actually am more at a managable level of stress, i think. there’s always something that needs doing, but i am trying to just keep plugging away.

there’s always things that make me frustrated, like the house…and homeschooling (because its not looking like i would like it to)…but i’m learning to take joy out of the little things that are going well…like i have been doing pretty good at staying on top of things lately in the house (not in total control of the house, but i don’t expect that to ever happen, really, LOL!) just plugging away at laundry and dishes regularly makes me feel like i’m not doing too bad. trying to ignore that nagging feeling that tries to tell me that i’m a failure because i never have cleared counters and rarely do any deep cleaning…i’m trying to just take pride in what i HAVE done…and that seems, for the most part, to be working. i’m not feeling like the house is the way i’d really like it, but at the same time its been WAY worse…so that feels tolerable.

and homeschooling…i’m coming to an epiphany with that. after listening to gena kirby’s “progressive parenting” (local) radio show the past 2 weeks, with my friend dayna martin as guest…i’m really thinking a lot more about educational philosophies and what really speaks to me. unschooling is back foremost in my mind and is making a heckuva a lot of sense to me. i doubt that i’ll ever be what she calls a “radical unschooler”…but its making more sense to me. i do tend to pick things from so many philosophies and i really am feeling like unschooling has a lot to offer us as a family. there just has been so many “a-ha” moments while listening to those radio shows (and over and over and taking notes…luckily i’ve taped them both)…and sharing it with adam. i suspect there’ll be a lot that will be happening to my thinking and our lives as a direct result from this thinking.

the biggest thing for me is just the release of what “should be”, and just allowing things to be joyful and relaxed. i really want that for all of us…so i’ve been enjoying some wonderful relaxing days with the kids lately. and the weather certainly helps…its been gorgeous and sunny and green in our yard lately! 🙂

i will have to write more on my awakening later, though…i’m not really feeling in the mood to dive too deeply into it right now…there’s housework to be done and food to be eaten and children to be attended to. i just wanted to write a quick update on things.

oh one last thing…it IS babyfest time…but i am feeling less stressed over it than i have, perhaps ever! there are still many things to get done…but its not all-consuming me this year. YAY! it is still a lot of my time, though…so i’ve just put a lot of other things on hold til its over. not trying to do everything at once…see, i CAN learn! 🙂

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