my happy girl

maeven’s been so happy this weekend because of the new bed and rearranged/new room. i hope she stays happy like this for awhile. she’s been so UNhappy for awhile now that its been making this mommy sad. i think part of it has been summer boredom…not much to do with the heat and mommy having so many things to do that i’ve not been able to plan enough things for kiddos. changing that now.

and part of it also has been the rough nights. i have no problem with her being in our room…adam either…we like having a family bedroom and we’ve never pressured her to get out because it just isn’t important to us. i just want her to be where she’s happy. and lately, she’s just not been happy at night. she’s had such a hard time with sleeping. staying asleep specifically. she wakes in the night and cannot get back to sleep and stresses out about it.

got to the point that she was freaked out to try to even go to sleep because it would take her forever to go to sleep and then once she did, she’d still wake in the night. she has had quite a few nights of tears and even one really bad night of hysteria over it. It scares the life outta her to be the only one awake at night. i know the feeling. i had the same problem when i was her age.

so we’ve tried to be sympathetic and understanding. but it really wears on you. i’ve tried to just not dwell on it too much, and recently things have seemed to be getting better. hopefully we’re moving into a new phase now. and with the “new” bed (it was her cousin’s, we traded beds. they got our loft bed, maeven got her captain’s bed.) things are new and exciting. i just hope she stays happy. newness will eventually wear off.

but for now, she’s happy as a lark. it’s very cute. today we’re going to (hopefully) take out her dresser and take it back to my parent’s house (it’s theirs) and that will free up more space for her in her room. she’s in there right now organizing things, really sweet. i’ll take some pics once she’s done.

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