my girl can read!

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i’m so dang proud of maeven! she is really reading well now! she’s been reading a little for awhile…but i just didn’t go very far in teaching her more…i keep neglecting to do her reading lesson (i use teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons) …although we’ve done enough of them for her to have the basics and she’s really taking off on her own!

yesterday she read an early reader (level 1) book on her own! a little bit of help here and there but mostly on her own! then today she read the same book to her bompa with no help and only a tiny bit of stumbling! i was so proud! and so was she! i definitely need to take her to the library soon and check out some early readers for her so she can start reading to herself more and get a lot of practice! i know that’s the best way for her to learn…just do it!

of course, this is something that goes against enki for the most part…well, maybe not so much cuz they do encourage following the child’s lead. maeven is set up for being a reader genetically anyway i tell ya. she comes from bookworms. 🙂 both adam and i were before we had kids…now its harder to find time. but i LOVE to read! i wish wish wish i had time! i guess i just need to start making time again. i get spurts of time where i just obsess on a book.

well i guess i should start looking at some of those homeschooling books again… i have so many of them. some really great ones! i moved them recently to a bookshelf in the living room so that i could have them where i could access them better (and free up space in maeven’s art area)…so now i am going to start working on going through them again. i have these great books that my bro gave me last year for xmas that i asked for that i need to use… games for math and games for writing …really awesome books! i totally forgot i had them til my brother asked me about them on the phone yesterday…then i dug them out and now i’m so going to read them now…find some fun things for maeven and i to do.

anyway, i got off topic, didn’t i? i’m rambling (what a surprise)…ah well…

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