my genius toddler

toddler in an amusement park ride, looking back and smiling behind him

ok this doesn’t actually qualify as true genius material…and honestly, i wouldn’t want him to be a genius…above average would be fine, but true genius would be too much cuz i think that he would be happier just being normal…but he really shocked the heck outta adam and i yesterday!

tyren was being cranky so i remembered that i had the magnet letters from the fridge put up on top of the fridge for months and months, so it would be like a new thing, so i brought them down…and sure enough he was very pleased to play with them…

and keep in mind i have NOT worked with him on letters at all! he plays computer games all the time (like starfall and all the stuff on pbskids and such), and he has an older sister…so i supposed he’s just picked it up via osmosis…

i was working on dishes (which NEVER ends! argh!) and i hear him putting letters up on the fridge and naming them as he puts them up…curious, i look to see what letters he’s putting up as he’s saying them….and he’s RIGHT EVERY TIME! he did like 5 or 6!!! i started asking him what letters were and he got the first few right and started to falter after that…but he knew like 8 or so total that i could see…i think i may have caused him to get confused by making a big deal outta them too cuz when i excitedly called adam into the room to see, he started getting some wrong that he had originally gotten right…but WOW! adam got some of it on tape. some of the ones i remember offhand that he got right… M, S, Q, O, B, I…can’t remember much else…bad memory here.

toddler sitting at drum set with drum sticks in hands, in motion, looking at camera

but wow! he only turned 2 in july! that just seems really incredible to me! to be able to actually identify that many letters! or really, any letters at all, because its not something i think is important for him to do at his age so i haven’t worked with him on it at all! he does know all his colors…the entire rainbow, no problem, and even brown, black and white. most of the time he gets every color right every time. has for awhile. we’ve started sorta working on shapes…but i just haven’t thought letters were important yet. wow, he just amazes me!

he also, just about 3 days ago, started saying his name. he used to say it sorta mangled. never sounded anything like TEER-en. more like teh-den, or something like that. but just a few days ago all of a sudden he says “TEEW-wen” (love that his Rs are Ws, LOL!) adam said something about baby and he said “no baby, TEEW-wen”…and later, adam called him a monkey “no monkey, TEEW-wen”, LOL! too cute!

my little imp! he amazes me all the time!! he’s just so friggin adorable! now if he could just lose the knock-down, dragout tantrums, LOL! they must be a sign of intelligence, right? ROFL!! ;)

toddler in a pumpkin patch holding a small green pumpkin

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