my big brave boy

this monday we had tyren’s second dental work visit.

here he is with the gas mask on:
isn’t he just stinkin cute? adam says he looks like a little rudolf the red nosed reindeer, LOL!

i found it humorous that i named that pic “tyrgas”…get it?….tear-gas? (if you don’t know how to pronounce my son’s name…its TEER, so this is a funny joke, get it? LOL!!)

anyway he did awesome again! no problems at all! he got a little wiggly, but nothing major. dr was impressed again!

and this time he climbed right into the seat and had no problem with getting the gas (his first time), and even got novicain shots (numbed with a topical first) and had more extensive drilling.

he did just fine!

still have a few more teeth to do. but we’re really trucking along fine! pretty soon he’ll be done…the worst is done now, i think…the rest are smaller cavities i think.

i think the key here is that he doesn’t keep tyren in the chair, manhandling him for very long. like 15-20min tops. pretty dang cool!

and having a movie to be able to watch while he’s there in the chair helps too, LOL! we bring our own so we know that it will be something he wants to see.

oh man, its so nice to have this stress mostly over. we still have a few more visits before all his cavities are treated, but now that he’s gotten these 2 visits out of the way, and with flying colors, my stress level has pretty much dropped off. phew! i tell ya!

pretty amazing to remember that this is the same boy that the other dentist wanted to refer to be put under for general anesthesia!! yikes! wow am i ever glad that we found dr doug and he was able to work with tyr…AND that we found pinatta’s view!! pinatta rocks!!

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