my babies are growing up!

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*sigh* my babies aren’t babies anymore!

tyren is a computer whiz at the tender age of 2 and maeven is reading herself books now! wow, how they grow!

more and more lately tyren is asking to play on the computer…lately boohbah and noggin are his favorite sites. he has really gotten the hang of the mouse! he knows how to point and click with very good control!! unbelievable! not entirely surprising though. both my kids have been at the computer since birth. first as nursing babies and later as babies banging on the keyboards and now as kids playing games! tyren can’t speak in real sentences yet but he can play oobi on the noggin website! LOL! and the computer family that we are, i am totally ok with that. (oh and don’t worry, he’ll be speaking sentences in no time too…we’re an incredibly verbal family too! LOL!)

and maeven…i’ve not really been able to do the work one-on-one with her that i had planned (yet)…she’s going to be 7 this year and i’m still struggling to figure out homeschool time…we did pretty good for a few weeks then the summer heat knocked me off my feet and the toddler was constantly under feet (and climbing all over us) so i just gave up for a bit to regroup again…but i’m sooo excited to see that she still continues to learn despite me! tonite she pulled 3 books off the shelf and read them! these were all dr seuss books (go dog go, the spooky old tree, and are you my mother) and she had never read them herself before, nor had we read them to her in awhile. i think she was very surprised that she was able to actually get through each book completely. so exciting to see her reading to herself! i have been hoping for this day! i’m soooo proud!

she’s also having a blast with piano lessons with my dad lately. somehow we thought of the idea to have bompa teach her when she developed an interest in the piano. now i’m glad that we have the darn thing! she goes to my dad’s for a lesson every week and then she can practice at home! very low-key stuff so far…he’s starting her very slow and easy, which is very good because she frustrates easily. she’s so proud of herself! and i taught her chopsticks, lol. i’m one proud mama!

well enough mama braggin…i should get back to trying to get num-nuts (my term of endearment for tyren) to sleep..he’s still playing noggin right now and its going to be a real fight to get him off that computer…yay.

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